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24-410 Yorker Spout--CHENXIN

24-410 Red&White Yorker Spout, with Seal The spout is used in the cosmetics,usually to match with PET bottle, Spout is also for use in balsamic vinegar and fruit reductions with a liquid syrup con......

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Acrylic plastic products ----CHENXIN

The scientific technologies change quickly and the updating for cosmetics acrylic plastic products becomes so fast,creative spirit becomes very important in today’s society. The small capacity are ......

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How to calculate the tube length--Chenxin

Due to descript of tube length are not same by different customer, In order to avoid the make a mistake and exactly descript the customer message turn to our company message, we make a unify form for......

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Plastic trigger sprayer--CHENXIN

CX-T6012C Trigger sprayer which style is “WEIMENG”, this sprayer with normal mist spray, normal tube length is 245MM, normal color is orange. Discharge rate is 2cc. This plastic trigger sprayer hav......

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Aluminum jacket packing

 It is more beautiful and shinning when we sale the production with aluminum jacket mist sprayer or aluminum lotion pump. The aluminum jacket will make the product more topper and preference. In ord......

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Happy Valentine's Day!--CHENXIN

Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's day should be sweet if you are dating and in love, Chocolates and flowers are fitting presents for valentines's day, Hope everyboday can harvest love today, every......

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Memorable day

 The Chinese new year is coming, every customer want to catch the shipment before CNY, The trade warehouse of shanghai are busy than normal, tracks lined up orderly outside the door, need one day  o......

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The reason of substandard products

If the equipment and mould have no problem, we find that several reason make the injection molding production processing products in the forming. 1.Charge the raw material sent is incorrect, lack or ......

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